Sunday, March 27, 2011

Living life one day at a time

So since I recapped my last cross country adventure I've since begun another one. To catch you up (assuming someone is actually reading this) the company I helped out by driving across the country to the opening round of the ATV AMA national races offered me a full time position. Its amazing to see how the Lord works and opens doors in a particular order and at just the right time. It would take too long to recount how my journey into this industry over the last three years has lead to this opportunity but I believe whole heartedly that God has had his hand in it every step of the way.

My first task with the new job was to fly back east to attend round 2 of the racing series. As of right now I'm slated to attend all of the AMA Nationals for 2011. The tour schedule will take me all over the eastern US and give me an opportunity to visit numerous states I've never been to so I'm VERY excited.

Two weeks ago I stopped into the office to sign paperwork and gather the necessary things I'd need for what I thought would be a five day trip to Alabama. Little did I know they had other plans. Ty Zimmermon, one of the several people who was pulling for me to get this job asked if I would mind extending my trip and hitting an event in Texas the weekend between races. Fortunately my life is rather flexible at this point in time so I said sure and went home to pack my suite case for my three week trip.

My first stop was in Pell City Alabama for Round 2 of the AMA Nationals. From there I headed to Jacksonville Texas for an event known as the Mud Nationals. This is basically an excuse for around 15,000 people to get together and party, southern style, in the backwoods and mud holes of east Texas. It was certainly an eye opening experience and for how crazy things tend to get, I'm thankful I was able to miss most of the mayhem. I was on hand to display our product and help get our company out and in the minds of the people.

Currently I'm spending a couple days off in Kilgore Texas before I head back to Alabama to pick up our teams race rig before heading to the next national in Bowlingreen Kentucky. I am so thankful and continue to be amazed at the doors God keeps opening. We're going to be spending a couple days midweek at a former national champions house before heading to the races. Jeremiah Jones was a top ranked professional racer when he was tragically injured in a race and is now a paraplegic. He's still actively involved in the industry running a race team and supporting his wife who races in the women's class. Just another awesome opportunity to get to meet some of the people I've only ever seen in magazines and in media.

This is about the midway point of the trip so hopefully I'll get some free time to write another post before heading back to California and on to the next adventure. Thanks for tuning in.

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