Sunday, December 6, 2009

Psalm 37:23

“The steps of the Godly are directed by the Lord. He delights in every detail of their lives.” I continue to be amazed at Gods attention to detail. I spoke at GC the spring of my senior year on the evidence of Gods might and power that we can see in creation. I feel that I’m experiencing that same evidence now in the details that God continues to unfold. Tonight my thoughts are in a million different places but these are a few of the things mulling around in my mind right now…

I continue to be impressed with and excited about Walker, my new friend from Montana. He’s got a fire and excitement inside of him that is contagious, he just needs some guidance and a little time to channel that in the right direction. I met a couple high school students yesterday and was able to share with them about my journey thus far and my plans for the future. They were intrigued and both shared with me some of their own passions. I had a great opportunity to offer some incite and I opened the door to help them out by shooting photos and video for them in the future as they pursue their goals.

I had a blessed day at church today. I’m continuing to work with the youth at Life Church and today my task was to emcee the game we played. It was basically random useless trivia but we all had a great time and I’m excited for the opportunity to do things like that again. The kids seem to enjoy me making fun of myself. Things like this just seem to affirm my desire to speak, share and invest in young people.

Tonight at Starbucks I was sitting here with my Bible open working on this entry and a gentleman walked by and mentioned that it was good to see me reading my Bible. He asked where I was reading from and I mentioned Job. He gave me one of his cards and mentioned that he’s a Christian author and speaker. I laughed, amazed at the people God continues to bring into my life, and told him I’m an aspiring author and speaker. I visited with he and his family for a few minutes, we exchanged contact info and I look forward to seeing what might come of it. You just never know when or how God will bring people across your path or for what purpose.

That brings me to now…I don’t know what tomorrow or the next week will bring. I know I’m going home on Dec 24, that’s my next solidified plan. I have about 3 weeks until then and it’ll be interesting to see what happens in that time. I’m still looking for a job and praying for opportunities to remain within the industry to continue serving where I’m at. Thank you SO much to those who have supported me prayerfully and financially. Your giving has enabled me to keep my focus on the goal at hand, to serve at church and hopefully impact lives like Walkers and the other young guys I’ve been talking to. The photo that I attached to this blog is one I showed when I spoke at college. Its a picture of MT hood and I feel like it is a prime picture of Gods might and Power. I shared that if God can mold and sculpt that magnificent mountain in all of its glory, what could he do with my life if I live completely surrendered to him? What could he do with yours?

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