Friday, December 4, 2009

What its all about

So I’ve got a new mission. What Kess did with football, I want to do with the motorsports industry. For those of you who don’t know, Scotty Kessler (Kess) was my college football coach my freshman year and the sole reason I attended Greenville College. From the beginning Kess told me that football was merely a tool to teach young men about life. “If after playing under me, these guys don’t grow up to be good husbands, fathers, and can’t keep a job, then I didn’t do my job.” That statement is what got me and now I hope to pass on Kess’s fire to the motorsports community.

Yesterday this new guy Walker, whom I now address as “Texas Ranger” or Chuck ☺ showed up in a beat up pickup with more atv parts hanging out of it than Tucker Rocky on clearance day. His story is almost identical to mine. He loaded his truck and came here from Montana in hopes of getting involved in the industry. Walker’s end goal is not necessarily to do freestyle, he simply wants to immerse himself in the industry and partake in all of the goings on here at H-Bomb Films.

I’m stoked to have him around because I see so much myself in him. He doesn’t even know what he wants to do, he just knows he wants to be here. I’ve been able to coach him to some extent however and explain the things that I’ve learned since I got here almost two months ago. I spent much of yesterday and almost all of today with him and I really think he has what it takes. His passion is there, he just needs direction. As I’ve learned very quickly, people just don’t move to California and become ATV super stars. You kinda have to have a niche. Thankfully I’m working towards freestyle as a goal, but I also have my media connections so that I’m being productive in the mean time.

Walker is young and energetic but just not sure how to focus his energies to make the most good. He’s had a string of bad luck with some life stuff but I’m convinced he has the heart and desire to succeed. It would take me a long time to explain our entire conversation, but basically I told him that I would sponsor him through my website and various media outlets if he would agree to going back home and taking care of those life issues he’s working on. He seems content to do that. I’ve stressed to him that making a wise decision now, will only set him up for greater success in the future whereas taking a gamble right now could end his chances forever.

I think he’s getting it. He’s stoked about the idea and I’m excited to see what this kid could do in the next six months to a year. Maybe some day my little site will actually be something worthwhile. I’d love to use it as a networking site to help the “little guys” like me get a shot at doing what they love.

In other news I had my “tryout” here with the bomb squad and it went amazing. Our team manager BC was pleased with my skill level and the progress that I’ve made. The next step will be to make the switch over to the team bikes and begin getting up to speed on those. My goal is to be riding and doing shows come January. Perhaps a lofty goal but as each and every day I’m here proves, with God all things are possible!


  1. You need to get the hicks that run Dunefest to get the H-bomb crew there in 2010!

  2. Great report, Seth! Looking forward to seeing you ride sometime in 2010!

  3. Jay-I'll work on it!
    Tiff, Thanks so much! I'd love to have you come see me ride!