Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry for the delay!

God has been pouring out His favor like never before. It would seem as each day brings something new and most often that “newness” is something I never dreamed I would experience. Hanging out back stage at the Vegas show, the whole Baja 1000 experience and now, an opportunity to film an event with yet ANOTHER one of my heroes from growing up Mike Metzger. I continue to be amazed at seeing how God has pulled so much together. “All the days ordained to me were written in your book before any of them came to pass.” Psalm 139:16 God has gone before me and is continuing to do so.

I met Metz through a couple of mutual acquaintances and the all powerful facebook. We have yet to meet in person but we’ve spoken on the phone and are working to pull together a few details for me to film this even that he is hosting at world renown free ride spot Ocotillo Wells. I’m pumped for the opportunity and looking forward to what comes of it.

In other news I’ve begun doing some marketing for the company I’m working with H-Bomb Films. I created a face book page and have begun adding and interacting with fans. If you’re on face book you had better add us!!! Additionally I’m working on some plans that I hope will help bridge the gap between the “superstars” of the industry and other up and comers or weekend warriors like me. I’m excited to see where that goes.

In terms of working, I’ve been spending much more time with the youth at Life Church and am absolutely loving it. I help out in various ways but my main task is to emcee games for both the jr and sr high groups and make a fool of myself as I do. It's been a ton of fun working with the students. The pastor is looking to submit a plan to the church board that would pay me a small salary (just enough to cover the few bills that I have) and possibly provide me with a cell phone. This will be SO helpful however it won’t happen until mid to late January as the board does not meet until then.

In the mean time, I sent out another support letter, further explaining the ministry I am involved with here and my plans for the future. The response I’ve gotten thus far has been amazing. Friends and acquaintances from various periods in my life have expressed a desire to support me and I am so blessed by that. On that note, things continue to move forward at lightening speed and I’m now working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes towards possibly starting an FCA motocross group here in southern California. I’m excited to see how that would come together.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support! More to come.

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