Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At last

At last, an update. I’ve been on the go none stop since arriving back in sunny southern California and things don’t look to be slowing down any time soon. The first few days back were spent fixing the driveline in my truck, again big thanks to my buddy Adrian for all his help, working on quads and learning my new task as a web administrator of sorts for H Bomb Films.

I’m currently interacting with fans, posting blog updates and have even created a press release or two for. Additionally I maintain the company’s Face Book page. I’m having a blast and slowly getting the opportunity to answer fan questions and essentially act as a liaison between the fans and the company.

Riding has been going well. I’ve only ridden twice since I returned but both sessions went exceptionally well. I managed to learn a few new tricks but have no photos yet to include. Basically two of them involve coming completely disconnected from the quad in mid air and then pulling yourself back on just in time to land. It’s a CRAZY exciting feeling to land one of those for the first time. I have a few exciting things in the works in terms of riding but I’m going to keep that under wraps for a little while longer.

I continue to serve with the youth at Life Church and have begun leading worship on Sunday mornings. Additionally I had the opportunity to teach last weekend and shared a message about how events in life can leave us scarred, but how we choose to heal from those injuries determines how bad the scar will be. We can choose to wear those scars as reminders of injuries we’ve sustained from the past that we’d much rather forget, OR as examples of Gods grace and forgiveness in our lives.

That's it for now...I'm working on a more thought provoking update but its not quite coming out right.

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