Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God has a sense of humor...

I've been compiling a list of the different restaurants in the area that I plan to visit once I secure a more stable income and am again able to afford "going out." Temecula is a cesspool of fine eateries which is a luxury I've really never been afforded. Try not to laugh, but recently I've had a craving for the Olive Garden. I've always been a fan and have been looking for an excuse to go back, but because I'm watching finances VERY carefully I've held off.

This morning upon arriving at the church office I hada peice of mail waiting for me from a dear friend from college. Inside was a check and a gift card to the Olive Garden. Her attached note said "Olive Garden lunch menu-Soup, Sald, Breadsticks...All you can eat $6.99....Enjoy :)"

I am so blessed by her gift and equally amazed at Gods sense of humor. I continue to be made more and more aware of Gods attention to detail. The countless childhood dreams I've had fulfilled since coming here, Gods provision through the support of friends and family and countless other opportunities the Lord has blessed me with.

A lot has been going on as of late so here is a breif summation: I'm now riding a new quad as the team is sponsored by Polaris. I'm officially a member of the Bomb Squad Freestyle Motocross team which is something I've dreamed about since I saw my first ATV film in probably the 5th grade, but never once thought would actually happen. I'm beggining to book shows for the coming months which is exciting and a bit nerve wracking at the same time. I continue to practice almost daily and work to get more and more comfortable on the quad.

An encouraging piece of info is that I've been spending some time riding with one of our other team riders from Costa Rica. He's been very encouraging about my riding and is confident that I'm ready to do shows. That has been a huge boost coming from someone who has been a member of this team for over a year.

Lastly, I've met a group of young adults from the local bible college here in Temecula and they have welcomed me with open arms. Some great relationships are being formed and I"m SO blessed to have people my own age and in the same place in life as me to spend time with.


  1. Oh my gosh, Seth, that's fantastic!!! You're doing shows!! So great!

  2. Dude! I would love to come see some of that! I have drempt of doing that too, but I am know where near the physical condition, nor the time to do it. Maybe one day I will take it up as a hobby. Glad to know everything is going so well for you. God is proving himself ever-trustworthy to me daily, and lately He's been testing me.

    Good luck bud! Keep in Touch