Friday, January 1, 2010


I love coffee shops. The atmosphere, the people, the sounds, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I found a cool new one in Gresham Oregon called CafĂ© Delirium. It’s the perfect setting and brings in quite the diverse crowd. There are students working on homework, girlfriends chatting away about life, friends back for the holidays catching up, and more than one “couple” out on a coffee date. I love the diversity and atmosphere that it creates. I think what I love most is that nearly everyone has a smile on their face because most everyone that comes here wants to be here. Like me, they simply enjoy the atmosphere or they have an opportunity to catch up with special people in their lives.

I’m here because this is my office. I love to come to a coffee shop and sit and get work done. Thankfully for once in my life I’m self employed (if you can call it that), and praying that I can continue on this path. I’m also meeting a friend to catch up on life. This entire break has been nothing but visiting and catching up with people that have, in some way shape or form, impacted my life. It started the night I flew home with dinner with the fam and then vising with my small group from my church. What a blessed time of hugs, fellowship and crazy stories about this new life of mine. It was such a joy and one of my highlights was Janet Clark, one of our leaders, telling me “This is what I love about Seth, he knows how to eat.” How does one respond to that except to smile and dig in. Their family and so many others in my church came into my life at a time when I was hurting and needing fellowship the most. It was such a joy to go back and visit with them.

I had an opportunity to visit Jake, my best friend and partner in crime from the glory days of highschool. Its always a joy to hang out with him and it’s a blessing to see the continued progress he is making at his goal of walking again someday.

I got to visit my co-workers from the bank. What a FANTASTIC time that was. It took me at least two hours to make my rounds between the various offices and buildings to catch up with everyone that has been such a support of me over the last months and years.

On to Portland I visited with friends and family’s that have graciously taken me in and fed me, invited me on family outings and seemingly consider me one of their own. Its been such a blessing to see familiar faces catch up on life. The best, most humbling part of it all is to receive the love and support of people that are truly excited about what I’m doing with my life. Everyone is excited for me and I continue to be so blessed by the support of friends and family that want to see me succeed in this calling that God has placed on my heart.

As I finish up here and prepare to fly back home to California I’m excited but somewhat scared at the same time. Things are happening. I’m beginning to get asked to do ATV shows, things are in the works for me to begin speaking at various events and seemingly all the things I’ve ever dreamed of are beginning to come true. Its nerve wracking but awesome and I continue to cry out to God daily asking him for peace, perseverance and strength to continue on this road that he has laid before me. While its sure to be an exciting ride, I’m trying to live and trust Him one day at a time…I don’t have enough in me to look any further than that!

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